Volunteering on board

There are three ways that you can support Wetwheels Hamble by volunteering your time to fill some vitally important roles.

Shore based roles include event management, meeting and greeting groups and ensuring their successful experience, and fundraising support.

On-board Wetwheels Hamble two important roles require qualified or preferably marine experienced individuals as Skipper and Crew.

The skipper position requires an individual holding a commercially endorsed RYA advanced powerboat, or equivalent, qualifications.

The crew would ideally have some marine experience and hold some qualifications appropriate to the role.

We will ensure that volunteers are trained to the correct level in both nautical and customer care terms including a specialised Disabled Awareness Course

We will engage in continuous training to improve the qualifications and competence of volunteers and welcome people of all levels..

These volunteers would form part of group that will be rostered to operate the vessel as and when required

We will offer equal opportunity to those able and less able physically and mentally and seek to train volunteers to their level of ability.

Please contact Lesley Walford for more details on 07733944321 or email office@wetwheelshamble.co.uk